Corporate Accountability & Non Financial Indicators

On Tuesday morning, May 7th, AMCHAM hosted a closed-door seminar on the subject of Corporate Accountability and Non-Financial indicators, held at AMCHAM’s Executive Office. It was conducted by Chitra Hepburn, one of the leading voices on Economic Social Governance (ESG) in Asia.

The seminar dwelled into the topic of ESG and why it matters to businesses and how it influences the brand. Members actively participated in identifying the sections of their business strategies that should be a concern in regards to the growing trends.

This was then followed by a discussion among members and speaker to seek a solution. Participation was great, the discussion touched on the changes organizations should be making to meet the present and future environments derived from the members’ expertise and experiences.

ESG has become a key factor for today’s socially conscious investors and should not be taken lightly regardless if the firm is already established or if it is an upcoming one. It is better to prepare in advance, remove unnecessary risks than to deal with the consequences later.