ConocoPhillips Asia Pacific Sdn. Bhd.

– We are responsible and accountable for our actions and strive to make a positive impact across our operations and in the communities in which we work. For each project, we engage with our stakeholders to understand their values and interests, learn their expectations, and then incorporate what we learn into our business plans and actions. We seek early and frequent engagement with our stakeholders to build trust, garner respect and develop mutually beneficial relationship.

ConocoPhillips approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) begins with the company’s SPIRIT Values – Safety, People, Integrity, Responsibility, Innovation and Teamwork. We are responsible and accountable for our actions and strive to make a positive impact across our operations and in the communities in which we operate. We also believe that the most effective charitable investments are made through strategic relationships with organizations dedicated to serving our communities, such as our partnership with U.S. Embassy for our signature Fulbright programs. Our charitable investment priorities at ConocoPhillips Malaysia closely align with the company’s business objectives and are focused primarily on three areas: Education, Community, and the Environment. 

Our focus for the community is to promote education in the rural areas of Sabah and Sarawak, provide access to tertiary education through our Scholarship Award, as well as improve the day-to-day living of those who are less fortunate through charitable giving. This year, ConocoPhillips Malaysia is grateful to have another opportunity to do our part to fight the battle against COVID-19 by donating funds through MERCY Malaysia COVID-19 relief efforts in Sabah. Through MERCY Sabah, we were also able to assist with disaster relief efforts where our financial contribution will go towards the rebuilding of villages that had recently suffered through a massive flood in Penampang District, Sabah. We will continue to engage with our stakeholders and the communities where we operate to understand and address their needs. One of the programs ConocoPhillips is progressing this year is our collaboration with Global Peace Foundation Malaysia, where we will enable over 120 underprivileged indigenous community in East and West Malaysia with in-home accessibility to clean drinking water (via water filters and water pumps) and renewable solar electrification systems. 

We will also continue to champion the health and safety of our employees and our operations, as well as our commitment to preserve the nature and environment around us. Wherever we operate, ConocoPhillips aim to create shared value and will conduct our business with respect and care for both the local and global environment and systematically manage risks to drive sustainable business growth.