Connecting the Pieces: CSR, Diversity & Inclusion, Compliance & Ethics

Jennifer Gilhool, Senior Director, Compliance and Ethics at ON Semiconductor kindly accepted AMCHAM’s invitation to meet our members on June 26 to share her experience and views on CSR, Diversity & Inclusion, Compliance & Ethics.

It was an was eye-opening session lead by Jennifer Gilhool as she shared a number of case studies and examples of how compliance & ethics, diversity & inclusion, and CSR can have huge impacts on a company’s image, staff morale and bottom line.

Often dealt with as separate issues, Jennifer demonstrated how these 3 ideals must become interlinked programmes with an organisation to create a healthy company.

The most basic step to begin implementing these programmes successfully is by fostering a core value of mutual respect within the organisation and valuing diversity.

Finally, among so many other important points, she emphasized that it is critical to constantly talk about these three topics so that it becomes a natural part of the organisation’s thinking and corporate culture.

AMCHAM would like to thank Jennifer Gilhool of ON Semiconductor for making time to meet our members despite her busy schedule. We would also like to thank our members for their participation during the session.