Coca-Cola Malaysia

– World Without Waste

At Coca-Cola Malaysia, we take our responsibility to the communities we call home seriously. We have a longstanding belief that our business can only be as strong and successful as the communities we serve. That’s why we act in ways to create a more sustainable and better shared future for everyone, even more so given the current unprecedented challenges. We are focused on growing our business the right way to respond effectively to the collective needs of our communities across Malaysia,” said Mr Ahmed Yehia G. El Deen, Country Manager for Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

Over our 84 years in Malaysia, Coca-Cola Malaysia has worked with various organisations to realise our sustainable priorities, essentially our 3Ws initiatives.

To achieve our global vision of a World Without Waste in Malaysia, we partner several NGOs namely, Malaysian Nature Society (MNS), UPM and Waste Management Association of Malaysia on various awareness campaigns; river-cleaning activities; the 4R2C or Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Composting and Closing the Loop initiative; environmental contests; coastal clean-ups with Reef Check Malaysia; and waste management programmes.

As part of our Water Stewardship pillar, our Water For Life programme with Muslim Aid Malaysia Humanitarian Fund, the Johor Forestry Department and Forest Research Institute Malaysia helps to protect peat swamp forests in Ayer Hitam. We’ve also been working with Raleigh International and the Malaysian Nature Society to help communities get access to clean water for drinking, and to get students recognize the importance of water conservation.

Our third pillar is Women Entrepreneurship, whereby our Coca-Cola Komuniti Usahawan (KU) programme has empowered almost 16,000 women in Malaysia since 2017.

We look forward to continued success in our partnerships to refresh the world and make a difference.