Clinical guidelines on COVID-19 vaccination in Malaysia

Vaccination coverage has been selected as one of the Threshold Indicator for the National Recovery Plan of COVID-19 pandemic in Malaysia. Until the end of June 2021, the National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme has successfully immunised about 17.7 % population with Dose 1 and 7.1% has completed both doses. Supply of vaccine, access to vaccination centre and speed of vaccination are crucial in achieving at least 70% vaccination coverage in our country to attain herd immunity, However, efficacy of vaccine and safety aspect of vaccinee should also be given prime importance during vaccination.

The main objectives of this Guidelines are:

1) To provide pertinent information on COVID-19 vaccines.

2) To explain contraindications and precautions of each vaccine.

3) To guide the healthcare provider in making decision to vaccinate individuals especially those who are at risk of receiving vaccination.

4) To describe various process involves. Namely pre-vaccination assessment, vaccination and post-vaccination.

5) To share frequently asked questions related to – vaccine safety, vaccine eligibility and medical conditions.

6) To provide information on specific clinical condition in relation to immunisation.


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