Cisco’s (Open) Secret in Creating a Great Workplace

Cisco is changing the way people work, live, play and learn every day. But such a monumental task cannot be achieved alone – we require support from many fronts to make it possible.

While partners and customers are among our key success factors, a dynamic workforce remains the engine to drive this change. The responsibility to cultivate our people then rests upon our shoulders as we continuously find new ways to make Cisco a great place to work.

This year, Cisco is one of the employers to win the ‘Aon Best Employer in Malaysia 2017’ Award. This recognition demonstrates just how far we have come along in creating an environment in which employees from diverse backgrounds can thrive. Having them endorse us as one of the best proves that prioritising our employees’ growth and wellbeing is essential to attracting and retaining the best talent who will then do their best for Cisco while also acting as our ambassadors and advocates to the world. This has become even more pertinent in living our purpose of driving digitisation in Malaysia.

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