Championing STEM today for a better tomorrow

Keysight has had a long presence in Penang, stemming from its HP legacy, as one of the “Seven Samurais”. Today, Keysight is a recognized leader in the E&E industry and a key driver of its ecosystem development. Beyond being an economic asset, Keysight is also committed to being a social asset, enriching the lives of the community that it operates in.

As a technology leader, Keysight Technologies believes that education, particularly STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education, plays a key role in building a community that will drive the technological advancements of the future. And Keysight is committed to developing STEM education for the Penang community and beyond.

In line with this, Keysight organized its signature corporate citizenship program, Keysight After School, for over 100 children in April this year. The program, which received overwhelming response from the public, was held at the Penang Science Café @Heritage, Wisma Yeap Chor Ee in Georgetown. During the half-day program, the children built their own model airplanes and a hydraulic lift, and learnt about the aerodynamics of a plane as well as the principles behind how a hydraulic system works.

The Keysight After School program is a science-based hands-on program for children between the ages of 9 and 13 years. Children are mentored by Keysight employees on how to conduct their very own science experiments by building science-based models and structures. Through this interactive process, the children are taught basic principles of science from physics, to chemistry, to engineering in a fun way.

After completing their experiments, the children are encouraged to bring home their finished projects. This provides an opportunity for them to continue learning about these concepts, share the project with family and friends, or show it to their teachers – to proliferate an interest in science.

In addition to the Keysight After School program, Keysight also organizes other STEM education programs, including the Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day (IGED). This program aims to encourage more girls to take up engineering as a career. During this program, school girls aged between 14-17 years old spend a day in Keysight’s campus experiencing the life of an engineer. They also take part in interactive engineering projects and engage with Keysight’s female engineers, who help inspire the girls to pursue engineering.