Cha-Ching Curriculum

The Cha-Ching Curriculum is a holistic program that educates primary school children on the fundamentals of money management. Prudence Foundation, the owners of this program, have managed to emphasize economics and social studies but also focus on finance, mathematics, and analytical skills into this curriculum. Junior Achievement Asia Pacific has collaborated with Prudence Foundation to carry out this program in several countries across the region.

This teacher-driven program focuses on four key concepts which are Earn, Save, Spend & Donate. This program which has an emphasis on financial education could arguably be the one that is missing from the education system here in Malaysia. In collaboration with Prudence Foundation Malaysia, JA Malaysia has organized the Cha-Ching Curriculum here in Malaysia and with the help of the state education office, this year we have a total of 20,000 students from 164 schools that will participate in this program.

We have schools from five states in Malaysia namely Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Putrajaya, Perak and Penang. To date more than half of the total number of schools have completed this curriculum in their schools. As frequent school visits from JA Malaysia are being carried we hope to see the remaining schools complete this program and impart this essential knowledge to the students.

In 2018, we hope to widen our scope and extend our reach to more schools, as this program has garnered positive feedback from not only students but also teachers who run this programs in their respective schools.