Bringing Your Communities Closer: How Digital Transformation Can Bring Us All Together

The world in 2020 has been reshaped by the Covid-19 pandemic. Adoption of technology has become even more important than ever for businesses to excel in this new environment. The next issue will be to bring communities together. On 4 June 2020, EventBank held a panel discussion on how to bring communities closer in the digital age. The panellists were Toni Brearley, CEO Of Australian Society of Association Executives, Tay Ling, General Manager at Pico Group, John Peacock, Chief Executive Officer At Associations Forum and AMCHAM’s CEO Siobhan Das. Moderator for this session was Eric Schmidt, CEO & Co-Founder Of EventBank

Professional communities around the globe are struggling as the in-person method becomes less accessible and alternatives must be explored and utilized effectively to ensure business continuity and success. Considering the possibility that the in-person events may not be an option anytime soon, businesses have to find other means of providing content and value to their communities.

The panellists brought to the discussion their recent experiences in adapting to the new normal and the techniques employed as well as potential ideas that could help counter the lack of a physical space to maintain engagement with the communities. This includes how to improve the virtual experience for the target audiences and how those ideas can be marketable. Overall, a very insightful session in learning of new ideas and addressing key problems.