Briefing on the Emergency Declaration

Earlier today, 12 January, the Prime Minister of Malaysia made a public address on the state of the emergency that was declared by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong. While it was announced that there will not be a curfew or a total lockdown, questions on the nature of this emergency still emerged.

To better understand the implications of this emergency, AMCHAM organized an impromptu briefing session with legal experts Surendra Ananth Anandaraju and Ragunath Kesavan. The speakers went into detail on what nature of this emergency, what is still functioning from the government’s side, how does it affect the public, and more.

AMCHAM hopes that today’s briefing shed some light on members to further understand the current situation, rest assured we will keep our members informed on any latest developments.  We would like to thank both of our speakers for coming on such short notice and thank you to our members for attending.