Boeing Aerospace (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

– Building better communities worldwide through impactful investments, innovative partnerships, employee engagement and thoughtful advocacy.

Through purposeful investments, employee engagement and thoughtful advocacy efforts over the last few decades, Boeing and its employees have supported many innovative partnerships and programs that help build better communities worldwide.

Boeing’s relationship with Malaysia dates back to 1947, with the acquisition of three 21-seater DC-3s by Malayan Airways Limited. This enabled the then small regional carrier to offer in-flight services for the first time.

Boeing deepened its partnership with Malaysia in 2005 when it first donated two ambulances and a multipurpose vehicle to the Malaysia Red Crescent Society in Penang. The vehicles were used extensively during the 2004 tsunami relief efforts and were instrumental in providing medical assistance during periods of severe flooding in Johor in 2006.

In 2005, Boeing donated Haemodialysis machines to eight district hospitals in Kedah to improve accessibility to affordable dialysis treatments for cancer patients.

Between 2006 and 2010, Boeing supported the Kanser Network Association in developing and sustaining its breast cancer education program in Malaysia. The grants provided to the organization helped develop its volunteer network and institutional resources, including translations of educational materials which was helpful for the large number of non-English speaking populace.

In 2019, Boeing partnered with the Network of Urban Rural Innovators (NURI) on several community recycling projects. The partnership was extended in 2020 and Boeing has since invested 95,000 USD in various recycling projects.

To date, Boeing has invested a total of 640,000 USD in community projects in Malaysia.