Beyond Travel & Tourism: Managing the Scope of the Coronavirus Crisis

The Coronavirus continues to affect travel and consumer sectors in Southeast Asia. It is even predicted that the effects could last for months. AMCHAM brought together experts, Gary Bowerman, Founder of Check-In Asia, Hannah Pearson, Director of Pear Anderson, and Philip See, CEO of FlyFirefly Sdn Bhd to discuss the travel sector in detail. 

The discussions covered the overall state of the coronavirus thus far, how air travel and tourism industries have been affected, and what course of action would be best given the current state. The outbreak is having a significant impact on business, investment, consumer confidence; and government policies and the anticipated stimulus package were addressed along with mitigation efforts being undertaken to adjust to reduced usage and occupancy rates. 

Attendees were encouraged to take advantage of the downtime, to relook at their marketing strategy, consider training opportunities for staff to enhance their level of skills, experiment with strategies and ideas while the impact could be managed: fail fast and learn. 

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the attendees for their participation despite the current situation.