Beyond the First Year of New Malaysia: The Promise of Shared Prosperity

In 2018, Malaysia gained a new government with the promise of shared prosperity in a “new Malaysia”. This is now the second year. Has that promise been fulfilled, have there been any improvements? 

On June 25, AMCHAM was very fortunate to have Dato’ Ambiga Sreenevasan, the former Malaysian Bar president and former chairperson of BERSIH, and Dr. Anthony Dass, Chief Economist of AmBank Malaysia, to provide insight on the subject. Members treated to a candid discussion around how much progress has already been made, the challenges involved and what needs to be done. 

Dato’ Ambiga placed emphasis on the legal elements including the process, actions that have been taken, and actions which should be taken to further strengthen the country regardless of who comes into power. Dr. Anthony provided members a concise economic outlook and some ideas of what challenges may lie ahead. 

The session was well moderated by Caesar Loong, founding partner of Raslan Loong, Shen & Eow. The Q&A portion was met with high audience participation. Some of the questions asked touched on GST/SST, education in Malaysia, combating corruption, the role, and strength of civil societies and more.

AMCHAM would like to extend our thanks Dato’ Ambiga and Dr. Anthony for taking the time to share insight with our members despite having a full plate. We really appreciate having them over and would love to have them again.