Bank Negara Malaysia: Mandatory salary payment to foreign workers (Survey)

Bank Negara Malaysia is requesting companies that use foreign workers (see definition below) to fill out a survey regarding the recently announced Budget 2018 initiative for Mandatory salary payment to foreign workers through local bank accounts. If applicable, and you are willing to participate in the survey, you will find the link below:

Foreign workers

Unskilled non-residents on Visit Pass (Temporary Employment) who work in manufacturing, construction, plantation, agriculture and service sectors (excluding domestic helpers)

Following the 2018 Budget announcement, Bank Negara Malaysia (Bank) is pursuing steps to ensure seamless payments of foreign workers salary through bank accounts in Malaysia. This includes the arrangement for opening of bank accounts at work premises to be provided by financial institutions, and deposit/ withdrawal of monies by foreign workers in rural areas to be supported by agent banks. The Bank is cognisant of the feedback provided by the Employers’ Representatives on matters related to foreign workers’ access to financial services. This survey is intended to further understand financial needs of the representative employers. The Bank welcomes your feedback/views by Monday26 February 2018.


Should you have any queries or need further clarification on the survey, please feel free to contact the following officers:

Ms. Norariefah Mohd Iqbal (03-2698 8044); [email protected]

Mr. Chee Yik Yang (03-2698 8417); [email protected] 

Mr. Koh Kong Yong (03-2698 0157); [email protected]