The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared the COVID-19 outbreak a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. The epicentre of the epidemic in China, a global powerhouse and key driver of the world’s economic growth. It is no surprise then that the ongoing community spread of the disease in China has had far and wide-reaching consequences, from travel bans and restrictions to business slowdown and suspension due to interruptions in supply chains.

Employers are generally responsible to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for their employees, on top of business continuity concerns. It is advisable for businesses to continually monitor and assess developments, advice from WHO and directives from their government and local authorities in light of COVID-19. Workplace health and safety systems and protocols, and preventive measures to reduce the chances of infection, should be in place and effectively communicated to employees. Employers also need to consider how to manage affected employees fairly where stay at home or remote working arrangements become necessary.

With this in mind, ZICO, a member of AMCHAM came up with a publication that will be helpful to provide an ASEAN-wide overview of key employer obligations and considerations related to COVID-19.

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