Anushia Soosaipillai

Career Summary

I am a Senior Executive Director in PricewaterhouseCoopers Malaysia (PwC Malaysia). I have 17 years of experience in assisting and advising companies in various transfer pricing projects and defending challenges to transfer prices by tax authorities in tax audits and investigation cases. I have strong local relationships with regulators such as the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia where I discuss technical issues, meet on technical forums and contribute on topical issues.  I bring a strong understanding of MNCs’ needs in the areas of cross border transactions, inbound investments and outbound considerations.

Professional Affiliations and Qualification

  • Fellow of CPA Australia
  • Member of the Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia (CTIM)
  • Bachelor of Law Degree from University of Queensland, Australia
  • Bachelor of Commerce Degree from University of Queensland, Australia

Current roles and involvement

Besides my current client facing role in PwC Malaysia, I am a member of the Technical Committee for Transfer Pricing in the Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia.  This entails looking at tax and transfer pricing related reforms, meeting with regulators on changes required and addressing related issues.

I am a regular speaker at seminars and training conducted by the International Bureau of Fiscal Development (IBFD), CCH / Wolters Kluwer and PwC Malaysia.  I also regularly contribute articles and technical chapters to IBFD.

Key expertise

I have extensive experience in advising clients on transfer pricing strategies and formulating transfer pricing solutions for their operations and challenges faced during regulatory tax audits.  My work primarily revolves around supporting MNCs and large Malaysian conglomerates across all industries.  This equips me well to provide insights to US MNCs and other MNCs alike as to the latest developments on transfer pricing both from a corporate perspective as well as the expectations from the local tax regulators.

How I can contribute to AMCHAM

I can bring to the Board a strong understanding of some of the topical tax related areas such as “Base Erosion Profit Shifting” – this is a current global focus area by tax regulators to ensure that the right amount of taxes are captured in the correct jurisdictions. Naturally this involves a strong understanding of the dynamics of cross border pricing and its impact to business profits.  My exposure to such MNC related issues and my experience in working with MNCs over the past 17 years will be brought to bear.

In the past I have supported AMCHAM in the revisions to its Articles of Association and contributed my time to take on that project.  I will similarly be very much interested to contribute to further such updates if required.  I am also willing to participate in industry discussions and lead some of these technical sessions for the benefit of the Members.