Announcement from MITI

On May 1 MITI published these notices to their Facebook page. Please read all carefully.

AMCHAM would like to highlight to member companies that in obtaining approval to operate during the Movement Control Order (MCO) companies were asked to agree to comply with the Government-set SOPs. Similarly, in registering company details during the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO), companies are required to sign an “Aku Janji” / “Undertaking” with the Malaysian government. We encourage this legal document to be reviewed by your respective legal departments so that your company is fully aware of its responsibilities to be in compliance with the SOPs.

If you have not already received approval to operate, you have until May 12 to register at  If you have already received approval, there is no need to register again.

  • All companies in the permitted sectors do not need to apply to operate. 

  • Commencing 4 May 2020, companies only need to:
  1. Verify company information and
  2. Agree to the oath to comply with SOPs at

  • Companies in the permitted sectors can commence operations on 4 May 2020

  • Companies which have previously applied to operate do not need to verify their company information at

  • Is verification at a form of application?
  • No. This verification only serves to record the company’s information and commitment to comply with the set SOPs

  • Companies do not need to rush and can take the time needed until 12 May 2020 to fill up their company information at