AmMetLife Insurance Berhad

– Building Stronger Communities in Malaysia

At MetLife through AmMetLife Insurance Berhad (AmMetLife), AmMetLife Takaful Berhad, our Center of Excellence, and MetLife Foundation, we aim to build a more protected world for our customers by providing them with products and solutions to help them lead confident, enriched and healthier lives. We also play an active role in supporting programs in Malaysia aimed at building financially inclusive and environmentally aware communities and support the development of the country’s fast-growing digital economy.

Helping communities affected by COVID-19 pandemic

In August, AmMetLife collaborated with the Food Aid Foundation to provide food supplies to families who were severely affected by financial implications of the pandemic. Through the “Bags for Needy” program, over 6,000 people had access to essential food items, helping to ease the burden they faced during this challenging period.

MetLife’s Center of Excellence also raised funds to purchase meals for front liners who worked tirelessly to help the country overcome the pandemic.

Increasing Awareness of Climate Change

With climate change quickly becoming one of the world’s most urgent areas to address, a key focus for MetLife and AmMetLife has been to raise environmental awareness among our employees and the communities we serve. Over the course of 2021, our employees participated in several programs aimed at improving their understanding of the challenges facing the environment and ways in which each of us can actively halt some of climate change’s most damaging impacts. For instance, over 180 employees from AmMetLife and AmMetLife Takaful attended a Free Tree Society Malaysia webinar to learn about the importance of reforestation, particularly in urban areas. Employees have access to these environmental awareness programs and activities, from tree planting to recycling and are actively engaged and educated throughout the year.

Investing in Financial Health

Since 2018, MetLife Foundation has committed $2.5 million to multi-year support of the United Nations Capital Development Fund’s i3 (Innovate, Implement and Impact) program in Malaysia. Launched in partnership with Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) and the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), the i3 program catalyzes digital technology to drive the financial inclusion of low-to-moderate income people who lack access to appropriate formal financial services

The program aims to foster collaboration across the public and private sector, and use the power of innovation, digital technology and behavioral insights to ensure that financial health can be within every person’s reach. By leveraging digital technology, the i3 program will seek to improve the financial health of more than 200,000 low to moderate-income Malaysians over the course of the program.