AMCHAM Members’ Townhall

On 22 February, 2021, AMCHAM had a virtual townhall with the members of the Chamber. This first members’ townhall of the year was a casual session and allowed for AMCHAM to have a chat with the members and inform them of updates and initiatives going around.

Siobhan Das, CEO, AMCHAM, provided an update on what’s been going on at the Chamber, the new initiatives, committees, upcoming events, and other new changes. The results from AMCHAM’s Workforce and COVID-19 Survey were also revealed. Our Government Relations team also provided an update from an industry consultation meeting with MITI that took place just this afternoon to discuss a proposed safe work bubble SOP for the manufacturing sector and its related services.

Each member had the opportunity to share updates surrounding their companies and industries and overall general work-life under the current MCO. Look forward to more of these sessions in the coming months.