AMCHAM Townhall with Ambassador Lakhdhir

On 20 January 2021, AMCHAM organized a Farewell Townhall session with Ambassador Lakhdhir. This virtual session marked AMCHAM’s final program with Ambassador Lakhdhir as she is soon to depart Malaysia.

The Ambassador spoke about her time in Malaysia, the journey with AMCHAM, and the member companies and what she’s going to miss most. This virtual session was attended by close to 90 members who all had a brief moment to say their farewell remarks and to reminisce on her time spent in Malaysia.

It has been a great four years of engagement with her and AMCHAM with its member companies with a host of fond memories of her time with us. All of us here at AMCHAM and all its member companies wish her safe journeys, many thanks for everything, and best of luck with all her future endeavors.