AMCHAM GATE Program Part 3

For multinational organizations expanding across countries of different cultures and political landscapes, communicating back to the Headquarters (HQ) can be a challenge. AMCHAM had its 3rd entry in the AMCHAM GATE Program, this time featuring two panels: “HQ Doesn’t Understand My Market! Reporting Back to Country Headquarters” and “Dealing with Governments –  Understanding & Managing Uncertainty and its Impact on Priorities (Policy)”.

The first session featured Dr. Laurie Underwood, Senior Consultant at Sino Associates Global Limited, Daphne Au, Regional Head of Regulatory & Government Affairs, Public Policy at AIG Asia Pacific, and Nazhif Yusoff, Country Director at Vriens & Partners, moderated by Hannah Nawi. This session addressed best practices when reporting back to corporate headquarters and what can be done to strengthen the relationship with the corporate HQ to better understand the market, regulations, and politics.

The second session featured Tan Sri Datuk Rebecca Fatima Sta Maria, Executive Director of APEC and Cash McCracken, Senior Director of Global Government Affairs at Seagate Technology, moderated by Siobhan Das, CEO, AMCHAM. This session explored how companies can effectively build relationships with the government and the best practices to maintain these relationships, especially during crises.

Another successful entry in the AMCHAM GATE Program. Special thanks to all our speakers for making the event a success. We also would like to thank both our event partners – US Embassy & Paypal for supporting this program.