AMCHAM Digital Transformation Series #003 – Building Malaysia’s E-Commerce Sector

On Thursday, 30 May, the 3rd installment of AMCHAM’s Digital Transformation Series took place. The topic was on ‘Building Malaysia’s E-Commerce Sector’. Over 40 members turned up, eager to learn about the latest initiatives of Malaysia’s government to develop the policies & infrastructure for a vibrant e-commerce ecosystem.

Ms. Elleney Merynda Wasli, Principal Asst. Director of the newly-created Digital Economy Division at MITI shared an update on MITI’s strategic direction regarding the digital economy & the development of e-commerce in M’sia.

Ms. Stephanie Wong, Head of Business Development – Digital Free Trade Zone (DFTZ) from MDEC explained how MDEC’s DFTZ has been designed to enable seamless cross-border trade for e-commerce vendors & platforms, some of whom have established themselves within Malaysia as hubs for ASEAN or the wider Asia-Pacific region.

Peter J. Berinus Agang, Head of Legal Metrology & Hire-Purchase Unit, MTDCA, spoke on the importance of developing consumer trust to support the growth of e-commerce & provided an explanation of M’sia’s existing regulations relating to consumer protection for online transactions.

A Q&A session took place shortly after allowing attendees to dive deeper on the subject of e-commerce & the regulations.