AK Chong

AK is the Vice President of Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Operations, Managing Director for Intel Malaysia site and General Manager of the System Integration & Manufacturing Services (SIMS) operations in the Assembly Test Manufacturing (ATM) group at Intel Corporation.

Intel Malaysia has had a long-standing relationship with AMCHAM. As Managing Director, AK and her team work with closely AMCHAM on matters pertaining to Intel and its operations in Malaysia, the Malaysian government’s policies, as well as current state and national affairs.

It is an honor for AK, to be nominated for a Board of Governors role. As a board member, AK will be able to continue her contribution to the country via an influential organization such as AMCHAM. She looks forward to bringing Intel’s perspective into critical discussions to help create a positive impact in the industry, in collaboration with other industry leaders and board members.

AK brings a diverse voice to the table. Apart from leading one of Intel’s factories as well as the Malaysia site, she is also the founding chair of the Malaysia Women Leadership Development Steering Committee, which aims to implement initiatives that help develop women leaders and establish strategies for women progression and advancement in Intel, in line with Intel’s RISE Inclusive 2030 Goals – and, she sponsors the Malaysia Women at Intel Network.

AK’s leadership principle can be summed up by Steve Job’s quote, “My job is not to be easy on people, my job is to make them better.” She believes that everyone can be a shining star in the organization, and she is passionate in helping people unleash their full potential. Seeing those around her grow, flourish and succeed motivates her the most. She hopes to be able to apply this as a board member at AMCHAM, to help uplift the business community in Malaysia and advance the interests of the chamber members.