Accenture – Kuala Lumpur Rat Race & MERCY Malaysia

Each year, a team or two comprising Accenture “rats” together with “cheerleaders” and supporters brave the rush-hour traffic, rain or shine, to show true Accenture spirit at the Kuala Lumpur Rat Race—Corporate Malaysia’s unique charity event. The nation’s largest corporate organizations enthusiastically send their CEOs to make a dash for the finishing line in the CEO 1km race. All other employees compete in a 4.5km run while dressed in corporate attire and costumes depicting the theme of the race, i.e., Going Green. The event continues to be a huge success. All proceeds from the race go to selected charitable organizations.

On another note, Accenture also supports MERCY Malaysia in bringing relief to disaster zones around the world. MERCY Malaysia is a nonprofit organization focused on providing medical relief and sustainable health-related development for vulnerable communities. Accenture has in recent years donated RM100,000 to help with its operations and administration, as well as organized its first Accenture Charity Hunt and raised a total of RM97,110.92 for the MERCY Humanitarian Fund. In 2009, Accenture employees joined their efforts to raise funds for MERCY Malaysia’s Gaza Humanitarian Fund. In 2010, RM24,000 was collected from Accenture employees and channeled to MERCY Malaysia to help Pakistani flood victims rebuild their lives and recover.