Accenture Creates Symphonologie, the Music of Business, Enabled by Human Insight and Artificial Intelligence Technology

New symphonic experience inspired by the top stories in business and technology
Accenture has created a symphonic experience enabled by human insight and artificial intelligence technology. Symphonologie was performed by a 50-piece orchestra for a private audience inside The Louvre Pyramid, accompanied by a galaxy-inspired data visualization created in real time and synchronized to the music of the orchestra.

Collaborating with a creative coder, an orchestral composer and a data visualist, Accenture created Symphonologie leveraging its knowledge of the issues disrupting business today and applying artificial intelligence techniques that draw upon natural language processing and machine learning. First, algorithms were used to analyze the sentiment surrounding current business topics – such as cybersecurity and Internet of Things–and translate it into melodic patterns. The patterns then served as inspiration for a three-movement symphony scored by an orchestral composer and a digital art piece that expresses the sentiment through a data visualization that will be generated in real time.

“To demonstrate powerful outcomes that live at the intersection of business and technology, we looked to another intersection: data and art,” said Mark Knickrehm, group chief executive – Accenture Strategy. “Symphonologie reveals, in a totally new way, the hopes, fears, ambitions and projections of today’s world of business. It’s a prime example of how strategy and technology together can unlock a new way to view the world.”

Symphonologie comprises three movements:

Voices of Business reflects the state of business in our digital world, a landscape of new models and fluid expectations.
The Rise of Technology brings to life the sense of upheaval and disruption driven by new digital technologies.
A New Digital World, the final movement, concludes the symphony with the sense of a promising landscape propelled by the latest technology and business thinking.
Symphonologie performance can be viewed on