From Administration to Leadership: FedEx Empowers Internal Talent Through Career Development Journey

The lifeblood of any thriving company flows from its heart: the employees. When a company invests in nurturing these hearts, it creates a network of talent that powers learning and innovation. Encouraged to spread their wings, employees shine brighter and contribute more profoundly, driving the company forward.

Within this dynamic environment stands Coco Ghouse, an example of FedEx commitment to cultivating internal talent. Over the last fifteen years, Coco’s career journey has been woven into the story, embodying the company’s people first philosophy, recognizing potential and providing mentorship and avenues for advancement.

The Journey from Customer Service to Leadership

“My journey at FedEx began in 2009 as a Customer Service Representative, a role that introduced me to the company’s ethos,” Ghouse reflects on her early days. “This July marks my 15th year with the company, a journey that has taken me from an everyday job to places I have never expected to venture into.”

Her career evolved significantly over the years, from working closely with the former Managing Director in Malaysia as an Administrative Secretary, to diving into project management, and eventually leading an Operations team. “Each role was a stepping stone, an opportunity to learn and lead,” Ghouse shares.

“At FedEx, it’s not just about having a job; it’s about building a career. They invest in you, share knowledge and create teams that support each other every step of the way. This environment has been instrumental in helping me and many others become strong and confident professionals,” said Ghouse.

Coco’s diverse skillset, developed through each role, has included adaptability, initiative for self-driven learning, event planning, administrative skills, project management, problem-solving, effective communication, networking and a deep understanding of people management, all of which have been crucial to her continuous improvement and advancement up the layers.

Coco’s leadership philosophy has been shaped by her diverse experiences within FedEx, emphasizing patience, understanding, trust and the importance of being approachable. “I’ve learned to become someone my team can rely and count on. There are 45 members in my team. I have invested effort and time to understand their different skills and personalities over the years,” Ghouse explains her approach to leading her diverse and dynamic team.

Coco Ghouse underscores the significance of open communication within her team, hosting weekly meetings and monthly one-on-one coaching sessions to track progress and address any concerns.

These interactions enable her to connect with team members and offer support to their individual needs. “These sessions are crucial for a clearer picture of our team’s challenges and achievements,” she says.

Coco also organizes monthly activities to maintain a positive work environment, realizing that a team that spans generations from Gen Y to Gen Alpha requires diverse engagement strategies. Events such as office celebrations and team-building activities are regular fixtures on their calendar.

Coco credits her growth as a manager to the training she has received at FedEx. These programs have taught her how to understand and lead her team better. She says, “The things I’ve learned from the training and working with other people at FedEx have really helped me become a better leader.” For Coco, it’s the combination of what she’s learned from her experiences and the company’s support that helps her and her team succeed. “It all boils down to building trust, having open communication, staying calm and positive, and never hesitating to ask for help when needed.”

“FedEx stands out to me because it’s a place that genuinely cares about giving everyone a chance to thrive and succeed. Here, it doesn’t matter where you start; what matters is your journey and where you’re headed. The company’s commitment to offering equal opportunities has made it a breeding ground for success, a place I’m proud to be part of,” added Ghouse.

One of Coco’s most significant achievements happened two years ago when she received an award called Managing Director STAR Award. “It was a recognition of the hard work my team had put into navigating the regulatory changes and my team’s support for smoother clearance operations for the Irish market. It symbolizes how much we can achieve even when faced with challenges. It also enables us to continue to learn and grow,” Ghouse reflects proudly.

Balancing high-stakes projects with the day-to-day management of her team, Coco maintains a focus on flexibility, prioritizing tasks and ensuring a positive work environment that celebrates success and fosters open communication. “I prioritize my tasks on a daily basis, taking it a day at a time,” Ghouse describes her strategy for managing her responsibilities effectively.

Balancing Work and Life at FedEx

Coco’s life is a blend of commitments, from managing a team that operates around the clock to nurturing her family. “I am married with two young kids aged 6 and 9 years old,” Ghouse shares, highlighting the dynamic changes in her life while climbing the career ladder at FedEx. Her work requires her to adapt to European hours, a schedule that could easily strain work-life balance. Yet, Coco views flexibility as key. “To me, work-life balance is being flexible,” she states, emphasizing the importance of being accessible as a manager while also managing personal commitments effectively.

Maintaining mental health is another aspect Coco navigates with grace. She finds solace in open dialogues, whether work-related or casual conversations about weekend activities. “Speaking to someone helps,” she mentions, underlining the significance of communication in keeping her mental health in check. Coco’s leisure activities, which include watching Korean Dramas, enjoying karaoke and light-hearted moments with her husband and those she works close with serve as vital outlets for relaxation and joy.

An intriguing facet of Coco’s professional journey at FedEx is the unique experience of working in the same company as her mother, Margarette, known affectionately as Margie, who is a Senior Operations Support Agent. Although their roles within FedEx don’t overlap, the familial bond they share has enriched Coco’s perspective on leadership and team dynamics. Listening to her mother’s feedback and concerns has offered Coco invaluable insights, “It has definitely been a benefit listening to her concerns and feedback,” Coco acknowledges. This familial connection has encouraged her to adopt a leadership approach that prioritizes empathy, active listening and a deep appreciation for team feedback and process sharing.

As she looks forward, Coco is enthusiastic about the evolving role of women in leadership, seeing more women break gender barriers and assume leadership roles. “We’re already seeing an even playing field among my peers, a promising sign for the future of female leaders in the workplace,” Ghouse observes optimistically.

Coco’s rise through FedEx shows just how much a company can do when it helps its people achieve their goals. Her story is a sign that with the right support and the right attitude, anyone can make their work life something great. In her words, “YOLO – You Only Live Once,” Ghouse’s story encourages us all to grab hold of life’s chances and make the most of them.

Progressive Work Environment

FedEx promotes diversity and gender equality based on the company’s people-first philosophy. Through flexible work arrangements, parental leave, career development programs and a remarkable representation of women in both frontline and leadership roles, FedEx sets a standard for what it means to support internal talent. The story of Coco Ghouse is one of the many examples that underscores the tangible pathways FedEx creates for women to climb the ranks, from entry-level positions to roles of significant influence and responsibility.

Moreover, initiatives like the introduction of paternity and adoption leave, the hybrid workplace model and comprehensive career development programs, demonstrate FedEx understanding of today’s challenges in the workplace. These policies reflect a deep respect for employees’ diverse needs, ensuring they feel valued, heard and supported, whether they’re navigating the demands of family life or aspiring to leadership positions.