Navigating the Rise of Cyberattacks across APAC

As the Asia Pacific (APAC) accelerates efforts to digitize their economies, the risk of cyberattacks increases. On 25 April, AMCHAM held a timely panel discussion with experts in the industry to navigate and discuss best approaches on cybersecurity across APAC.

Eli Serota, Director, Strategic Communications of FTI Consulting opened today’s session with an overview of the cybersecurity landscape in Malaysia and APAC, along with the threat actors present today. 

He then proceeded to join Deepak Pillai, Head – Technology, Media, Telecommunications & Data Protection at Christopher & Lee Ong for the panel discussion, moderated by Hasnul Nadzrin Shah, Director – Government and Regulatory Affairs of IBM. Panelists went into the aggressive extortion tactics  used by attackers, techniques companies can use to better defend themselves, and the legislation aspects to better cybersecurity. Excellent points were brought up about reporting cyber attacks and the repercussions of staying silent as well.

Attendees had the opportunity to raise questions and concerns, and learn more about the next steps ahead. Thank you to our speakers for conducting a very informative and crucial conversation on cybersecurity.