DaVita Uniting Hearts and Communities through Bubur Lambuk Distribution

This Ramadan, DaVita is bringing the tradition of bubur lambuk, a beloved porridge traditionally shared with the community to bring people together, symbolizing unity and compassion. In this blessed month, DaVita is extending this tradition beyond the confines of home and into the hearts of the people serving over 2,000 individuals with this heartwarming meal.

As the holy month of Ramadan graces us with its presence, DaVita teammates from across Malaysia has recently distributed bubur lambuk within various communities of general public, dialysis patients and their caregivers in Masjid Al-Hasaniah Kuala Sungai Baru Melaka, Pusat Dialisis DaVita Kota Warisan, Pusat Dialisis DaVita Bangsar, Surau Nurul Aflah Taman Sri Saujana Johor, Pusat Dialisis DaVita Sungai Besar, Pusat Dialisis Sri Rampai, Pusat Dialisis DaVita Gurun, Pusat Dialisis DaVita Kangar and Pusat Dialisis DaVita Sabak Bernam.