Local for Global: Economic Impact Survey (EIS) 2022/23 Launch

On Monday, 11 March, AMCHAM released the Economic Impact Survey (EIS) 2022/23 at the AMCHAM Executive Office. The EIS 2022/23 reaffirms the impact of U.S. companies in Malaysia and the investments they have made over the many decades that they have been in the country.

Eighty-one responding member companies provided a snapshot of how deeply committed American companies are to developing local talent and incorporating local businesses into their ecosystems. These 81 reported employing almost 150,000 individuals, almost 90% of whom are Malaysians.

AMCHAM’s Chairman Antony Lee’s opening remarks highlighted the value brought by American investments and the role that this plays in driving economic growth and fostering human capital development.

After the detailed results delivered by AMCHAM’s CEO Siobhan Das, she was joined by Antony Lee and Kian-Ming Ong, Program Director of Philosophy Politics & Economics, Taylor’s University, for a short discussion and to take questions from the press.

The session, conducted in a hybrid fashion, both in-person and virtual, allowed members across the country to dial in and participate in learning how their efforts support and deliver a stronger Malaysia that competes globally.

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