HEART Alliance: HPV-Related Cancers Elimination Alliance Rallies Together

On 30 January, AMCHAM held a Spotlight Session for Vriens & Partners featuring the National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM) along with the HEART Alliance. 

With Cervical Cancer being the most HPV-related cancer among females, this session provided the essential information to help prevent HPV via vaccination. Dr. Vicky Subramaniam, Clinical Lead at the NCSM provided an overview of HPV and Cervical Cancer, touching on the early screenings and the treatment along with case studies of successful screening and vaccination programs. 

Dr. Jason Chin Yu Aun, Operations Lead at the NCSM presented on the ‘Human Papillomavirus (HPV)-related Cancers Elimination Alliance Rallying Together’ (HEART) initiative which aims to spread awareness and promote the protection against HPV-related cancers in society. Attendees got to learn about their on-site HPV vaccinations as well as their on-site cancer and health screenings. 

Mindy Tan, a cancer survivor and advocate, shared her journey with the attendees on how she confronted Cervical Cancer and the steps she undertook after.

Thank you to all our guest speakers for tackling such a vital topic and showcasing solutions to deal with HPV-related cancer.