AMCHAM Luncheon with U.S. Congressional Delegation

On 23 January, AMCHAM members met with the United States Congressional Delegates from the House Foreign Affairs Committee, led by Congresswoman Young Kim, Chairwoman of the Indo-Pacific Subcommittee, for an exclusive, closed-door discussion at Sofitel Kuala Lumpur Damansara.

This session presented members with a rare opportunity to provide their input to lawmakers about the value of Malaysia’s supply chain, the country’s capabilities, opportunities for business, and why Malaysia is seen as an investment destination for U.S. companies.

Malaysia has proven itself to be a reliable investment partner for U.S. firms, with the country offering a stable business environment with a comparative ease of doing business when compared to many of its neighbors.  Its relatively skilled, English-speaking workforce, many trained to be compliant with U.S. and other global standards, provides the country an edge.  Coupled with a collaborative working approach between the public and private sectors, Malaysia provides opportunities for future tech investments and long-term partnerships. 

Thank you to Representative Young Kim (R-CA) for leading this delegation to Malaysia and we look forward to future engagements in Malaysia as well as in Washington D.C. later this year. The delegation included: 

  • Rep. Marriannette Miller-Meeks (R-IA)
  • Rep. Debbie Lesko (R-AZ)
  • Rep. Jonathan Jackson (D-IL)
  • Rep. Kathy Manning (D-NC)

Along with several senior staff members including Annie Kowalewski, Eric Lee, Ally Schwartz, Anubhav Gupta, Ryan Murphy, and Richard Fournier; from the US Embassy in KL Francis “Chip” Peters, Dave Williams, Tao Zeng, Isaac Jenkins, Mike Urban, and Jim Williams. 

Thank you to our members Steve Clayton, Datuk Timothy Garland, Timothy Monk, Vikram Singh, Joseph Christofanelli, Lau Kean Cheong, Chong Poh Leng, Amarjit Singh Suri, Siew Jin Tan, Mistika Idris, and Anna Baweh from AMCHAM.