Articles by Tay & Partners (December 2023)

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“Can I Take Along Confidential Information When Leaving My Job?” New Perspectives On The Law Of Confidentiality

By Leonard Yeoh & Chen Mei Yan

In this age of information, companies often face vulnerability to the theft of confidential information, which is usually entrusted to senior personnel. Striking a balance between protecting the employer’s interests and an employee’s right to seek employment in similar industry with gained knowledge and experience from previous employment is a persistent challenge.

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Non-Use Revocation and Trademark Survival
By Ng Kim Poh & Veronnie Thu

Over the years, there has been growing awareness among individuals and businesses in Malaysia regarding the importance of safeguarding their trademarks. A considerable amount of time, effort and financial resources would have been invested in obtaining a trademark registration, which confers certain exclusive rights to the registered trademark owner, including the right to use and authorise others to use the trademark, as well as to obtain relief for trademark infringement.

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Directors’ Remuneration and Directors’ Service Contracts: Legal Requirements in Malaysia

By Wong Mei Ying & Trisha Lim

In Malaysia, the payment of directors’ fees and benefits and directors’ service contracts are subject to certain legal requirements, which will be explored in this article. Failure to comply with these legal requirements may result in legal sanctions, as seen in the case set out at the end of this article.

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