AMCHAM meeting in Parliament

On 9 October 2023, Antony Lee, Chair and Siobhan Das, Chief Executive Officer of AMCHAM led a delegation of member companies for a courtesy call to the Parliament Select Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade (PSC- FA & IT).

During this visit, Siobhan presented an official testimony titled “U.S. Business in Malaysia: Impact, Benefits & Future”, the testimony focused on the impact of U.S. businesses in growing the Malaysian economy. 

AMCHAM members companies were also able to interact and discuss freely with members of the Select Committee on issues faced by the U.S. companies here in Malaysia alongside potential opportunities for growth. The committee assured AMCHAM that the issues raised will be presented at the appropriate forum with the Executive and Legislative bodies of the government. The committee chairman, the MP for Subang, Wong Chen has also asked for follow-up meetings with AMCHAM to help keep the committee abreast with issues and challenges faced by U.S. companies in Malaysia. 

Member companies represented during the visit are: AIG Malaysia, IBM Malaysia, Cargill and Exxonmobil, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson.

Photo credit: Parlimen Malaysia