AMCHAM Members’ Briefing (22 August 2023)

On 22 August, AMCHAM hosted a Members’ Briefing at Ciao Ristorante. Mr. Manu Bhalla, the new Deputy Chief of Mission, U.S. Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, graced the event and was introduced to the members. 

AMCHAM Members’ Briefing provided an excellent opportunity for networking and keeping members updated on recent developments in AMCHAM, including meetings, events, and initiatives. Siobhan Das, CEO of AMCHAM shared insights from her recent trip to the U.S., particularly the Washington Doorknock 2023 and APEC 2023. Guests from the U.S. Embassy including Francis “Chip” Peters, Senior Commercial Officer and Dave Williams, Economic Counsellor provided updates from the U.S. perspectives.

We extend gratitude to all the members who participated in this event!