AMCHAM Chamber Associate Graduate Program

The Chamber Associate Graduate Program, launched by AMCHAM in 2023, holds a significant purpose of supporting young graduates in acquiring critical skills to thrive in the modern workplace. 

Designed to target new entrants to the workforce, the program aims to provide  the Chamber Associates with not only a comprehensive understanding of the broad issues faced by multinationals operating in Malaysia but also direct exposure to a diverse range sectors, including and service-related fields represented in AMCHAM’s membership, such as electronics, healthcare, energy and the digital economy.     

As part of this program, Chamber Associates will have the opportunity to rotate within various units of  the Chamber including government relations, events, membership management, business development, and marketing communications. Beyond their daily responsibilities, the Chamber Associates also have the opportunity to participate in  AMCHAM meetings and events. This will grant them the chance to engage in the sharing of best practices, meet and network with business leaders across all levels, and in turn  acquiring a variety of hands-on knowledge, skills and experience. Our hope is that with this program, the candidates will be able to enhance their overall employability and be well-prepared to enter the workforce.

This program’s overarching vision is to equip the graduates with enhanced employability, positioning them favorable in the competitive job market and preparing them to enter the workforce with essential skills and hands-on experience. Being affiliated with AMCHAM, the Chamber Associates will be nurtured to become excellent professionals, capable to thrive in various industries and to contribute to their future employers. AMCHAM is committed to support young graduates and reflects its dedication to cultivate the skilled generation and adaptable generations in the workforce. 

If you are interested in this program, please email your resume and a cover letter to [email protected] 




Cherylanne Ignatius

 I was AMCHAM’s first Chamber Associate and I quickly realized that my role encompasses a wide range of responsibilities that contribute to the organization’s success and growth. Initially,  I provided support and later took charge of planning and executing events, granting me invaluable experience in event management and developing essential organizational skills required to engage with various stakeholders. AMCHAM has provided me with the platform to explore my strengths and experiment with various aspects of work, allowing me to discern my preferences and areas of interest. 

Currently, my focus lies in the government relations sphere, supporting the Chamber’s Committees such as Healthcare Committee and Young Professionals Committee. In this capacity, I actively contribute to event planning, identify advocacy opportunities and shape initiatives that foster AMCHAM’s membership growth and community development.

By connecting and learning from AMCHAM’s staff and members across diverse industries, I have access to a diverse pool of expertise and experiences. This enriches my professional development and enables me to build relationships within the business community that will undoubtedly benefit my future endeavors. 

I wholeheartedly recommend fresh graduates to consider joining the Chamber Associate program, as it offers numerous advantages; providing valuable exposure to the business world and fostering essential skills through hands-on involvement. By affiliating with AMCHAM, fresh graduates can kickstart their professional journey on a solid foundation and unlock a wealth of opportunities for personal and career growth.

Graciely O’Hara


Working as a Chamber associate at AMCHAM has been an exciting journey where I have had the chance to apply my skills in  a real-world environment. It was rewarding to know that the work I do at AMCHAM makes a tangible difference. 

Upon joining a few months after Cherylanne, I went straight into the government relations domain . Working closely with a small team, I was able to grapple with the complexities of this field , fostering my personal development and opened me to new ideas.  

From planning remarkable events and contributing to innovative marketing campaigns to engaging stakeholders and supporting the Human Capital and Energy Transition Committee with events and advocacy, my time at AMCHAM has provided invaluable insights into the business world.  It has also allowed me to interact with numerous industry leaders.

AMCHAM has provided me the opportunity to foster my creativity, exploration, and professional development. It is an ideal place for aspiring graduates seeking to explore their potential and to build a network. This program is an opportunity unmatched by others in developing essential soft skills such as critical  thinking and understanding the complexities of international business.  I know that the year will pass quickly and I am grateful to have found this program to kick-start my career.