Webinar and Sharing Session on “Single Windows Platform (XPATS GATEWAYS)” with Embassies, Local and Foreign Chambers and Associations

On 20 July, 2023, the Malaysian Investment Development  Authority (MIDA) is organized a Webinar and Sharing Session on “Single Window Platform (XPATS GATEWAYS)” with  Local and Foreign Chambers and Associations. 2) To assist Foreign Embassies and International including Local Chambers in understanding the application process and workflow for Expatriate Posts and Passes using this new platform.

Due to our tight schedule, we are unable to host any briefing at this moment, however AMCHAM members can always contact us should they require more information and clarification.

a) Industry Talent Management & Expatriate Division, MIDA, via email at[email protected]or at +603-2267 3607; or
b) Foreign Investment Division, MIDA at +603-2267 6618 (for RERO establishment)

Slides Webinar MIDA to Foreign Chambers – SWP in MIDA 20 July 2023 – Final to Participants