AMCHAM 46th Annual General Meeting

On the 22nd of June, AMCHAM held our 46th Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Executive Office. This year, the AGM was conducted as a hybrid event allowing members to attend virtually.

Anushia Soosaipillai, Treasurer, AMCHAM, Senior Executive Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers Malaysia, went over AMCHAM’s financial performance in 2022. The financial performance of the Chamber continued to improve from the previous year as we recorded total revenues of more than RM3.0 million in 2022.

Siobhan Das, CEO, AMCHAM, spoke about the Chamber’s notable activities from 2022 as well as what the ongoing initiatives are. During the AGM, five Governors were elected to serve a two year term with the returning four board members. members.

The elected Governors are Antony Lee, Chief Executive Officer, AIG Malaysia Insurance Berhad; Dato’ P’ng Soo Hong, VP of Manufacturing Operations, Managing Director, First Solar Malaysia; Datuk Tim Garland, Chief Executive Officer, START by TBWA; Soon K. Kuek, General Manager, Lam Research International Sdn. Bhd; and Steven R. Clayton, Vice Chairman, Asia Pacific, J.P. Morgan Chase.

After the meeting ended, members who attended in-person proceeded to a lunch at Celestial Court in Sheraton Hotel KL. Thank you to our members for making time to attend and ensure a quorum was reached to proceed with the meeting. The AGM ran smoothly with a successful adoption of the Governor’s slate.