Teach For Malaysia and Micron Foundation Partner to Accelerate STEM Impact in Malaysia

Teach For Malaysia announced it is partnering with the Micron Foundation on its flagship Fellowship Programme. The collaboration will enable Teach For Malaysia to recruit and train quality  teachers to be placed in vulnerable schools, foster collaboration among instructors and give Micron team members and students  from the community an opportunity to promote STEM education. Micron’s support will enable Teach For Malaysia to engage with 57 teachers, reaching over 8,550 students at underserved schools in Perak and Sarawak in 2023.

“Teach For Malaysia is working towards building a movement of promising leaders who will empower students in B40 Communities to reverse their learning losses and build the skills needed for them to be ready for their future,” says Chan Soon Seng, CEO of Teach For Malaysia.

From 2020, Teach For Malaysia expanded its work to also train and coach 985 in-service public school STEM teachers under the “Program Duta Guru” or “Ambassador Teacher Programme”, in which Teach For Malaysia is the implementation partner, in collaboration with Yayasan PETRONAS and Ministry of Education Malaysia (MOE). The programme aims to empower a total of 4,500 STEM teachers and reach 3,960,000 students by 2030. Teach For Malaysia is continuing to focus on developing teachers’ leadership by training them to facilitate 21st-Century learning skills sets, including integrated STEM and the application of Engineering Design Process (EDP), in the classroom and running social innovation projects in communities.

The Teach For Malaysia and Micron Foundation partnership is part of a global effort under Teach For All, to which Teach For Malaysia is affiliated. At the global level, Teach For All has established the Future of Work Initiative: a multi-stakeholder partnership that will bring together businesses and a global network of students, teachers, and communities to rethink the way education can prepare students for the future and empower children and youth to thrive in a changing world. Under this initiative, Teach For All and its network partners have established a foundational partnership with Micron to build STEM talent pathways to prepare students for tomorrow’s workforce and assist teachers with the resources and support that they need to be successful.

Through this Future of Work Initiative and in partnership with Micron, Teach For Malaysia is committed to invest directly in the professional development of teacher leaders who are best positioned to inspire, and guide students towards STEM and the careers of the future.