[KL] Master the Panel Discussion: Be A Better Moderator/Panellist

Being on a panel either as a moderator of a panelist can be very intimidating, Angela Cheung,  in the third and final day of AMCHAM’s Communication Workshops in KL, spent a couple of hours with a group of 45 sharing how they could be more confident and inject elements that will make panel discussions easier and more memorable.   

About 50% of the group had never experienced these roles but knew it was on the horizon for them.  Angela shared with attendees practical advice on how to plan and execute a panel discussion effectively, whether as a moderator or a panelist. Attendees learned how to shape and control conversations while avoiding common pitfalls, ensuring that their panel discussions are not only memorable but also highly engaging.

Even if you have never been on a panel before, Angela’s expert guidance and real-life advice will help you gain the confidence you need to succeed. With her emphasis on practice and preparation, you’ll be able to approach any panel discussion with ease.

The three days of workshops in KL were a resounding success, with attendees walking out with not only loads of tips for communication, presentation, video development and mastering a panel discussion but a host of new friends in arms as they all made small commitments to act on their learnings. Thank you to Angela for making these sessions lively, informative and fun! AMCHAM enjoyed the raucous laughter that echoed across the Chamber!