[KL]  Lights, Camera, Action! Creating Business Videos from Start to Finish 

Making videos can be incredibly intimidating but once you are able to push through that barrier, the process and activity not only becomes less intimidating, it becomes fun.

AMCHAM’s visiting ‘guru’ Angela Cheung, Video Consultant, Corporate Trainer, ex-Disney/Fremantle/MTV took 29 attendees through an incredible interactive session where they learned the power of video & the simplicity of making one.

With business videos now the communication tool to convey a company’s message, products, values and brand personality, this was the perfect workshop for all to understand how every employee can play a role in contributing to internal or external comms using just their mobile phone!

Everyone got to learn the tools for developing a corporate video using their phone as well as the ingredients that go into making a good video. Angela  shared a lot of useful tips and highlighted the pitfalls to watch out for. The session ended with attendees putting the lessons they had learnt to the test as they produced their own corporate videos.