IWD 2023: Why gender equity in tech matters more than ever

Kawal Preet, President, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa region, FedEx Express shared her wisdom and learnings to break free from gender stereotypes through technology and innovation. Her journey in STEM became the pathway to finding her true passion. In addition, she realizes the importance of mentorship.

FedEx initiatives to support women in business across Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa have made mentorship a key component. For example, the company established support systems for Indian female entrepreneurs who were in danger of losing the companies they had built and their ability to support their families during the height of the pandemic.

She also believes tech is filled with endless opportunities. There are numerous job opportunities for females who want to study STEM fields such as in AI, robotics, 5G, future mobility, climate research and more. Increasingly, we’re seeing tech change lives for the better in sectors like healthcare, helping to cure diseases, increase lifespans and contribute to a healthier society.

One thing’s for sure: tech and innovation can be powerful tools to help women achieve gender equality.

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