Secure Your Legacy and Business with Gibraltar BSN’s GoSecure and GoSecure+

Kuala Lumpur, 9 February 2023 – Gibraltar BSN Life Berhad (‘Gibraltar BSN’), one of  Malaysia’s fast growing life insurance companies, today rolled out its latest protection  plan for Malaysians to secure their legacy in both their life and business with GoSecure and GoSecure+. 

GoSecure and GoSecure+ are modular term insurance plans that give customers the flexibility to choose both the coverage and premium payment terms, the coverage  amount for death and total permanent disability, and also provides Cash Booster, an  optional rider, to receive an additional maturity benefit.

Gibraltar BSN’s Chief Executive Officer, Lee Kok Wah said “The Covid-19 pandemic  saw more than 37,000 SMEs cease operations after the third round of the movement  control order.1 With GoSecure and GoSecure+ business owners will be able to take  necessary precautions to safeguard their businesses financially for sustainability. Our  latest protection solutions were specifically designed to offer customers the flexibility  of expanding their protection based on their ever-evolving circumstances and  business needs.”  

98.5% of business establishments in Malaysia are small- and medium-sized enterprises  (‘SMEs’)2, with more registering their businesses every year, forming the backbone of  the nation’s industrial development. But despite their pivotal role in the development  and growth of the economy, an estimate of 60% of SMEs fail within 5 years of  establishment. 3 

Kok Wah added, “We believe that our customer’s businesses are their brainchild and  that they work hard to build. Which is why it is essential for our customers to financially  protect their family and business should something unfortunate happen to them.” 

With GoSecure and GoSecure+, customers can choose from a selection of coverage  terms ranging from 5 years to a full term to suit their own personal protection needs. GoSecure+ also comes with additional coverage for 45 Critical Illnesses for that  greater peace of mind.  

Visit for more information on GoSecure and GoSecure+.  Alternatively, customers can also chat with Gibraltar BSN’s Chatbot GINA via  Whatsapp at 03-2298 2477 and on Gibraltar BSN’s official Facebook page for  additional information. 

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2 Source: Economic Census 2016, Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM) 

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