Meeting with MITI’s Deputy Minister, Chin Tong Liew

A small delegation of AMCHAM Members met with MITI’s Deputy Minister Chin Tong Liew and his bilateral / trade / investment teams. We had a productive discussion on the opportunities for growing U.S. investments even further. Malaysia is experiencing the benefits of early long-term commitments by US companies, made 50+ years ago, by some crucial early movers: a localized talent and resource base with 2-3 generations of trained skilled workforce and a deep and growing eco-system keep Malaysia part of many US value chains.

Discussions expanded to highlight the challenges and opportunities of 21-century business models and new imperatives and the need to continue the collaborative working relationship the Chamber has with MITI especially around access to skilled talent, capturing high-value business by working together to realize Malaysia’s sustainability pathway with good ESG practices which will, in turn, attract sustainable investments/FDI.