Penang Engagement Sessions

On 2 December, part of the AMCHAM team met with a number of members in Penang. These visits provided an opportunity for us to learn more about our members in the Northern Region and discuss how we may collaborate in the near future.

The first visit of the day was to Bruker Malaysia. Here the team met with Rajan Subramaniam, Senior Director, Teoh Eng Hooi, Financial Controller and Shuba, Trade Compliance.

The team also visited Tang Weng Lye, General Manager (Operations) and his team at Indium Corporation. The last visit of the day was to Smith & Nephew. The team was greeted by Mark Arthun, Managing Director and Site Leader.

Thank you to our members in Penang for inviting us to your offices. We are delighted to have learnt more about your businesses. We look forward to collaborating with you in the future.