Motorola Penang Celebrates 50 Years in Malaysia

It was a momentous occasion for Motorola Solutions Malaysia commemorating its 50 years of operations in Penang last night.

Chief Minister of Penang, Y.A.B. Tuan Chow Kon Yeow commended Motorola for its efforts to build its “Penang operations to become one of the largest fully integrated sites for Motorola Solutions worldwide”. The  Penang research and development center is supported by a workforce comprising more than 98% Malaysians, “working on leading-edge mission-critical technologies,” he added.

Accompanying Y.A.B. Chow at the Anniversary Dinner were Motorola Solutions Inc’s corporate vice-president (devices) Thao Tang, corporate vice-president (supply chain and procurement) Chad Werkema, Motorola Solutions Malaysia’s vice-president and managing director Solomon Lorthu, AMCHAM’s chief executive Siobhan Das, Federal and State agencies’ representatives and industry partners.

AMCHAM appreciates the strong relationship and continuous support we have with Motorola and thank you for the special award presented to AMCHAM’s CEO, Siobhan Das to recognize our partnership. 

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