An Evening of Creativity, Passion, and Talent at ISKL!

Applauses and praises filled The International School of Kuala Lumpur’s (ISKL) Melawati Theatre during the High School Talent Show!

Led by High School Music teacher Jaymin Baird and Grade 11 students Rosie P. and Jade N., the event saw more than 60 students across artistic disciplines sharing their creativity, passion, and talents for a good cause. All the proceeds from ticket sales went towards Hungry for Music, a nonprofit organization that collects used musical instruments and donates them to underserved youth.

The evening showcase was filled with acts such as choir, drama, singing, and cellist, to name a few. The audience got to experience a fantastic portrayal of lord Ganesha through a classical dance art form, transported to Brazil through a stunning traditional samba, moved by a heartfelt piece by ISKL singers, and many more. The event ended with a total of RM1,550 raised and an experience that will leave a lasting impression on everyone.

A big thank you to our talented students for a beautiful evening and the ISKL community for always being supportive.