The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Celebrates Its Long-Service Staff

KUALA LUMPUR, 24 August 2022 – Malaysia’s premier purpose-built venue, the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (the Centre) recently recognised 134 team members, 75% of its staff, for their long service and contribution to the Centre’s sustained track-record of success.

Alan Pryor, General Manager of the Centre, said that, “Our people are our greatest asset and we are proud to have team members who have journeyed with us this far, since our opening in 2005. The Centre’s success as a global leader in the business events industry is attributed to the dedication, discipline and passion of our team members who always go above and beyond in attending to our clients’ needs.”

The team members were awarded a certificate of appreciation and shopping vouchers worth a total of RM173,500 (US$39,000) in recognition of their 10- or 15-years of service.

According to Muhammad Vickneswaran, Director of Human Resources of the Centre, “We have a strong talent retention programme that has appreciation, empowerment, and inclusivity at its core. As employers, we face a very competitive market and in a post-pandemic world, this is even more exacerbated. It is very important to us, at the Centre, that our policies and programmes are constantly updated so that we can continue to attract and retain talent. We are flexible and attentive, not only to the needs of our clients, but also to those of our team members.”

The venue’s talent development programme has enabled many of its staff to transition from a part-time basis to permanent employment and subsequently into leadership roles.

Alifhazwah Bin Mohd Yahaya, Head of Production, shared that, “I began my professional journey at the Centre, 15 years ago, fresh out of high school. From that point on, I was exposed and given a lot of training and opportunities to develop my skill and knowledge in my area of work. The trust placed in me by my superiors and the passion I have for my work allowed me to develop from a non-executive to executive and to where I am now, leading a brand-new department that was created to oversee the technical needs of virtual and hybrid events at the Centre.”

Mary Clare, Assistant Catering Manager, who celebrated her 10th work-anniversary with the Centre said that, “I had the opportunity to be part of the team that drew up the framework for Ambassador program that is being used until now. Over the years, I had been chosen as a Subject Matter Expert and I work with my team to further improve in-house training, enabling us to consistently deliver excellent service to all our stakeholders.”

The Centre recruits part-time event and hospitality team members under its Ambassador program. The program entitles all part-timers to complimentary Basic Food Handler course, refresher training allowance, SOCSO and EPF contributions, flexible working schedule, uniform, duty meal, and night shift transport allowance.

Another team member who has journeyed with the Centre for 15 years, Mohd Rashdan Che Radzi, an executive in the Centre’s Asset department, shared that, “From an early point, my superiors have been very supportive, encouraging my career growth at the Centre, challenging me to take up supervisory role even though there were more senior staff in the team. Later, I was also permitted to undergo an 8-month short-course on a full-time basis with a reputable educational institution while still being employed. There was never a boundary to my professional growth here and this gives me great satisfaction and pride to be part of a team in a world-class venue.”

The Centre drives a number of internal talent development and coaching programmes that identifies potential team members for growth and prepares them to be future leaders. Partnerships with globally reputed training institutions like City & Guilds, specialising in hospitality and events, ensure that the Centre’s team members receive only top-notch education that is on par with international standards and demands.

As part of the ASM Global network, the world’s leading venue management company, The Centre’s team members also have the opportunity to learn from the best of the best through ASM Global Academy. With more than 1,800 multi-language courses, team members have the opportunity to complete self-paced learning courses, which support their career development and enhance their knowledge. The comprehensive e-learning modules utilising gamification format will encompass but not be limited to guest services, diversity, equity and inclusion, food safety, inclusive culture, sustainability, operations, safety and security and leadership.