Micron Malaysia: Star Light Volunteering Month 2022

Micron Malaysia’s Star Light Volunteering Month officially closed on April 7, 2022. In the larger Micron network, this is the 2nd year that we had a cross-site volunteering month campaign among our Asian manufacturing sites. We started with Taiwan & Singapore last year, with 17,000 team members (TM), and expanded participation to include Japan, Malaysia and Xi’an with 29,200 TM in 2022.

From March 3 to April 7, despite the complexity and difficulties due to COVID-19, Micron Asia sites achieved 89% participation rate, far beyond the goal of 80%, which is a remarkable record. TM across Asia together donated 25,548 kilograms of food, which is 1,277% of the 2,000 kilograms goal. Mapathon completed 185,166,409 tasks which is 235% of our goal of 78,680,000 tasks.

In addition, the individual site volunteering activities were held such as the community cleaning, fight world hunger and blood donation brought many benefits to our surroundings and communities. The fantastic results this year are testaments to your passion and generosity in seeking to improve the lives of those less fortunate around the world. Your contributions, no matter the size, are equally important in fulfilling our vision of enriching life for all in the communities where we live and work.

We also thank the heroes behind the scenes for the partnership and collaboration during the past few months to make Star Light 2022 a success – Micron Foundation, Star Light Taskforce Team, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), including Mosaic, Capable, MYP, and MWLN. You are also our bright stars, lighting up the path for others to make a positive difference.

We once again thank all TM for your strong support and participation for Star Light 2022. Building on the success this year, we hope to continue and strengthen the giving culture at Micron.

In Malaysia, the team members engaged in a few community activities including beach cleaning, food bank initiative and a collaboration with Rise Against Hunger, with summaries of the events below. We thank all participating TMs and leaders for the encouragement and active participation in all these activities.

  • Beach cleaning: In response to this year’s slogan – “Act Responsibly, Think Sustainably” – Micron Malaysia Mosaic team organized a beach cleaning activity at Pantai Bersih, Penang on April 3, 2022, with 89 TMs and their families participating. In this 3.5-hour event, a total of 491 kilograms of trash and debris that includes plastic waste, bottles, food waste, and unused tyres were collected from Pantai Bersih This noble activity was certainly a fun exercise and workout for all participants.
  • Food bank initiative: Throughout the Star Light month, donations were collected and at the end of the program, Micron Malaysia TMs successfully collected 8,394kg of non-perishable food. In addition to that, we have achieved 100% participation rate from our Micron Malaysia team members. Micron Malaysia works with the local NGOs where the food will be disseminated to the underprivileged local community. With this massive contribution, we will be able to touch the hearts of nearly500 families.
  • Rise Against Hunger: The Rise Against Hungermeal pack event took place on April 9 at Micron Penang, with more than 200 team members volunteering. We packed 60,000 meals and delivered them to underprivileged orang asli communities in Kelantan. We understand that every packed meal has the potential to alter the trajectory of people’s lives: it helps a child to stay focused at school, boosts an adult’s daily productivity at work and addresses a patient’s healthcare need, providing the needy critical reinforcement against the vicious cycle of food insecurity. That is why Micron Malaysia TMs did not miss to seize this opportunity to help the community by participating in this fulfilling activity.