Roundtable on Tackling Non-Communicable Disease

Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) bring significant impact not just on the people itself, but also on workforce productivity. Prevention is always better than cure. Malaysia is about to launch the National Health Screening Month Initiative that aims to tackle NCDs. On 13 April, AMCHAM held a roundtable session with representatives from the Ministry of Health and the Social Security Organization (SOCSO) on tackling NCDs.

Dr. Feisul Idzwan Mustapha, Consultant Public Health Physician and Deputy Director of Non-Communicable Disease Section under the Disease Control Division at the Ministry of Health delivered an in-depth presentation on the National Health Screening Month Initiative, how it’s going to be carried out, the road map, the process and more. Dr Edrin Rasib, Head of Section for Prevention and Health Promotion at SOCSO, provided insight into SOCSO’s health screening program. Members who attended had the opportunity to raise questions, provide feedback and suggestions to our guest speakers.

Special thanks to both of our guest speakers for such important dialogue. We look forward to working towards a healthier Malaysia.