Briefing on Employment Act Amendments & Anti-Sexual Harassment Bill

On 5 April, AMCHAM’s Human Capital Committee hosted a briefing session on the Employment Act Amendments and the Anti Sexual Harassment Bill 2021. This session featured Donovan Cheah, Partner, Donovan & Ho, and Li Meng, Han, Partner, Christopher & Lee Ong. Gayathri Ramakrishnan, Regional Head of Employee Relations, Amgen Inc served as the moderator.

Donovan went into details on the Employment Act amendments and its potential impacts on businesses, and what employers should do. He also addressed some of the frequently asked questions surrounding the amendments. Li Meng on the other hand, covered Anti-Sexual Harassment Bill, it’s effect, and also what are the existing laws covering sexual harassment cases, and what are the new changes on these.

It was a very informative session! A big thank you to both our guest speakers and the moderator in helping us navigate through the subject matter.